About us

SimFlying is being run by Matthijs Tissen and Toby Enzerink. They took over the business from Peter de Graaf, who has retired after running the company succesfully for nine years.


Matthijs Tissen

Matthijs is the owner of VlieglesDeal and co-owner of both SimFlying and Up in the Sky. He loves flying and does so on a regular basis on single engine piston aircraft. In the past, he has made photos of The Netherlands from Flight Level 1200.


Toby Enzerink

Toby is co-owner of SimFlying as well as Up in the Sky, the second-largest aviation website in the Netherlands. Furthermore, he works as a Drone Consultant at AirHub. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Aviation.


Peter de Graaf

Peter is the founder of SimFlying. After years of dedication to SimFlying he has mostly reitred. Though, he didn’t quit in full as he is still engaged with the company and is responsible for the maintenance of the simulator. Occasionally, he still works as a sim-instructor.


Sam le Poole
Instructor Boeing 737NG

Sam obtained his frozen ATPL license in march of 2020 and as well holds a Bachelor Degree in Aviation Engineering. He works as a tour pilot on Cessna-aircraft on the Dutch island Texel. With his experience and educational background, he does the best he can to teach and entertain our customers in our Boeing 737-simulator.

Diego Klaverweide
Instructor Boeing 737NG

After serving as an officer in The Royal Netherlands Army for twelve years, Diego decided to pursue his dream in becoming a pilot. He has finished flight school with no regrets. During his training, he flew both single-and-twin-engined aircraft, as well as many hours on the B737NG-simulator. He is commited to deliver personalized and satisfying simulator sessions.

Quincy Jansen
Instructor Boeing 737NG

Quincy became a Commercial Pilot as of march of 2020 and shortly thereafter obtained a job at a Dutch airline. Unfortunately though, due to the COVID-19 pandemic he quickly lost his job. Nevertheless, he still pursues his passion as a sim-instructor for SimFlying’s Boeing 737NG-simulator.

Lavignia Vlug
Instructor Boeing 737NG

Lavignia obtained her Commercial Pilot License in april 2021. Besides being fitness trainer, she enjoys being in the aviation industry as an sim-instructor. A saying she goes by is: “Everyone can do fitness on his or her own level”, the same applies to flying!

Matthijs Rood
Instructor Boeing 737NG

Matthijs finished his flight training in february 2020 and has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation in Amsterdam. With this background he wants to share as much of his passion for aviation with SimFlying’s customers.