Frequently Asked Questions

The price on the website is the total price, regardless of the amount of persons you’re bringing with you. Also, we don’t have any hidden fees such as a weekend-surcharge

The minimum age to be able to fly in our simulator is ten years. In the case a minor wants to fly, we do ask for a supervisor to accompany them. This is because our flight simulator is expensive yet fragile when used in a rough manner.

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SimFlying is located in the most southwestern part of Amsterdam, with Amsterdam Schiphol Airport being just around the corner. Our simulator is situated on the second floor of what used to be a former military building. Nowadays, the office space is mostly used by artists and creatives in general. The atmosphere is therefore quite unique and enjoyable. Please be aware, there is no elevator, only an outdoor spiral staircase. In case you have difficulties walking up stairs, please contact is before making a booking. Parking is free and there are enough parking spots. Once you entered the ‘Nieuw&Meer’-terrain: our office is located halfway in between the two big buildings. You’ll also see signs showing directions to our simulator.

Company details

SimFlying is a registrered trade name of SimVentures B.V. We are known at the Chamber of Commerce under nr: 83318828.

Visiting address (simulator):
Oude Haagseweg 63B1
1066 DC Amsterdam

Formal address:
J. van Galenstraat 14
1215LE Hilversum

Contact us

Phone: 020-3086392
WhatsApp: 020-3086392
We are available 7 days a week, from 09.00 till 21.00.