An immersive experience for flight simulator enthusiasts

For both unexperienced and experienced flight simulator pilots.

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Bring your own flight plan or make your own flight plan with the help of our instructor. Upon entering the cockpit, enter your flight plan and let’s conduct your flight accordingly.

Are you already an experienced flightsimmer and up for something new? Then ask for our challenge flights! How about an approach into Kai Tak, Innsbruck or Reggio Calabria?

Whether you have years of experience or not: our advanced courses provide both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills!

Our Advanced Courses

Manual Flight

In the first module of the course, you’ll learn how to fly the Boeing 737 without autopilot and flight director. This is the training we provide to real-life airline pilots as well. Our instructor will teach you ‘stick handling’ as well as how to interpret the flight instruments. Flying by hand really is a joy!

If you fly at home using a joystick, you’ll notice a significant difference in handling compared to our real B737 yokes. 

SID’s & Approaches

Flying a Standard Instrument Departure (SID) is a challenging task, yet very important when compared to real life airline flying. Even with the autopilot turned on, attention and input is needed all the time. In this module you will learn how to read both airport departure and approach charts. Our instructor will explain all the different types of approaches, such as an ILS or LOC approach. Upon completion of this module, you have gained a ton of knowledge and hand-flying skills.

Failure Management

This module is suited for more experienced flightsimmers, as properly acting on a failure requires both mental and physical work to be done in a short period of time. How about losing an engine upon approach and having to execute both checklists and radio communications?
You will sooner than later find out why simulators are called ‘sweatboxes’.

Flightsim trainingprogram

Our trainingprogram consists of 4 blocks of 3 hours each for just €900. You can come with a maximum of two persons.

Part 1: introduction Boeing 737

Get to know the cockpit of a Boeing 737NG. The main objective for the first part of the trainingprogram is to hand-fly the airplane. You’ll learn the techniques for ‘stick handling’ and reading the flight instruments. This provides a solid basis for the rest of the training.

Part 2: takeoff & flying a SID

Conducting a takeoff and subsequently flying a Standard Instrument Departure is again a challenging, yet rewarding experience. Working off the appropiate checklists, coordinating with Air Traffic Control whilst flying the airplane is what this part will be about.

Part 3: conducting an ILS approach & landing

Het vliegen van een voorgeschreven vertrekroute (SID) en het netjes uitvoeren van een approach is een kunst op zich. Oók met de autopilot aan. Het is ook onderdeel van onze Advanced Course, en onderdeel van dit trainingsprogramma.

An ILS approach can be conducted both by the autopilot and the pilot itself. Setting up the right navigation frequencies, joining the approach coarses and configuring the aircraft for the approach our all part of this training.

Part 4: a full flight!

The last part of our Advanced Course will consists of flying one or two full flights, from one airport to another airport (of your choice). Show the instructor what you have learned over the previous lessons!