SimFlying offers

  • A fixed base Boeing 737NG-simulator with 180 degrees views and controlloading
  • Realistic flight model
  • Instructor included if needed
  • Standard training-programs or customized
  • Free Jeppesen and LIDO charts
  • 737 FCOM, FCTM, QRH and NNC
  • Video-recording for evaluation

SimFlying’s Boeing 737NG-simulator

Our flight simulator is developed in-house and features many original components. No effort has been spared to get the best flight model, which we’ve crosschecked with Boeing’s datamodels. Though the simulator is not certified (this would make the costs roughly double), it’s accuracy is comparable to a EASA FTD1-simulator.
It is very suitable as a trainer for purposes such as MCC, CRM, SOP and as a procedure trainer in general.

Experience accross the industry

In the past years, we’ve had pilots from many airlines around the world. To name a few: