Flying can be serious fun

At SimFlying we offer an incredibly immersive flight simulator experience, yet we are surprisingly affordable. An instructor will guide you through the flight and the cockpit.

‘A patient and knowledgeable flight instructor’

As someone who’s never sat in a cockpit before, the instructor fortunately was very patient and willingly in explaining each bit of the flight and the simulator.


I’ve had a great couple of hours in the sim. Compared to my home-setup this experience was on a totally different level.

1.5 hours


2 hours


3 hours



The cockpit suits four people, of which the instructor is one of them. If all the seats in the cockpit are taken, you can still watch the flight from outside of the simulator in our sofas. You can watch the flight progressing on our big TV, as well as one our radars.

Extensive briefing

For those who are interested, we can provide an extensive briefing in which the instructor will go over all the cockpit functionalities as well as the flight itself. Get yourself prepped thoroughly and book your extensive briefing (approx. 30 mins).

Video recording

Using our GoPro we can record the highlights your flight(s) in Full HD-resolution. It’s a great way to show your friends and family what you’ve been up to. Besides that you can examine your skills and improve them next time you’ll visit us.

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